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Resilience (Part 1)

So, what is resilience? Gail Wagnild, RN, PhD has defined resilience as the ability to adapt, recover, and grow stronger from adversity. While most people are able to do this to some extent, individuals with strong resiliency are able to handle change, difficulties, and adversity often without missing a beat. Read more...

Resilience (Part 2)

Performance is best grounded in the skillful management of energy. Focusing on strengths and resiliency enhances performance and productivity (less absenteeism, presenteeism, depression, anxiety, and fewer workers’ compensation claims). Read more...

Women and Resilience

Resilience is a scientific term that refers to materials that have the capacity to return to their original shape after being bent or stretched. But, resilience is also a term that applies to people as well — people who have the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, defeat, or other adversity and bounce back. Read more...

Running a Wellness and Health Management Program? Where’s Your Certification?

Wellness programs are growing in acceptance — and importance — in the workplace similar to safety programs.  As they expand, the need for more qualified wellness leaders who have the knowledge and skills to integrate delivery systems with evaluation grows too. Read article on the Corporate Wellness Magazine website

Defeating Depression with Resilience

A good way to reduce health care costs and increase vitality and productivity in your organization is to increase resilience to prevent or eliminate depression. Read article by Rose and Gail Wagnild on the Corporate Wellness Magazine website

Coping with Stress

At different times in our lives, we all must deal with stress. The causes of stress and people’s reactions may differ, but the coping mechanisms and psychological techniques can really help you to “thrive” rather than just “survive.” Read more...

Advantages of Workplace Wellness Certification

As employee wellness and health assumes ever-increasing importance in the workplace, the need for more qualified wellness leaders will grow. Read article on Smart Business website

Women and Resilience

For many women, resilience is a strength considered essential. Both women and men need resilience to deal with difficulties in life. But, women often need more resilience than men to overcome traditional obstacles placed in their way, in order to advance in the business world. Too many women, however, are not aware of the amount of resilience they do possess. Read more...

Strengthening Your Resiliency Core

You may hear a lot about strengthening your physical core, with lower back and abdominal exercises. But did you know that emotionally you have a core of strength as well? Our core strength in terms of overall happiness is: resiliency. Read more...

Make Resilience a Business Asset

Most people want meaningful and enriched lives for themselves and significant others. Why is this so hard to accomplish and blend together in one’s personal life, the workplace, and the community? Or, how do individual employee habits, attitudes, beliefs, skills, motivation, and values align with the organization’s goals to form a mutual partnership of trust and higher morale so individuals, teams, and companies grow and benefit emotionally and financially? Read more... (PDF file)

Corporate Success with Resilience

Slide show that accompanied Rose's keynote speech at the Mid-Atlantic Conference on Worksite Wellness, September 2013. View the slide show (PDF file)